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Just like bank tellers know counterfeit money by constantly handling real money, Christians can spot misunderstandings and misapplications of God’s word by continually “handling” God’s word. Of course we must correctly handle God’s word when we practice, but just reading God’s word over and over will keep our hearts trained towards truth.

For the strong and the weak. For the blessed and the broken-hearted. For the warriors and the wounded. For the rejoicing and the weeping.

So, remember why we are celebrating Easter this weekend. God thought of it. Jesus is worthy of it. We are forever grateful for it.

Imagine your heart is like fertile soil. Things grow really easily in fertile soil. This is why the writer of Proverbs encourages us to keep wisdom (a.k.a. God’s truth) growing in the soil of our heart.

Depending on your experience, those two words may give you a full body shiver. Isn’t the weekend supposed to be a break from school? Isn’t school supposed to be for children? God has designed us to learn together in community. Notice Paul says in this Colossians passage, “we admonish and teach” so that “we present everyone perfect in Christ”. Yes, we follow Christ as individuals, but becoming perfect in Christ is also a group assignment.