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Honestly, I have really pondered, "Be kind" and, "The church has been quiet way too long," a lot lately. Can we do both at the same time? YES!! Just because we stand up for what we believe and “shout out” what Christ has done for us, this doesn’t mean that we must attack or protest or cause a controversy while doing it. God calls us to be the light of the world (Matthew 5:14-16) BUT He also calls us to be kind and compassionate (Ephesians 4:32).

It does not give us a reason to live on “cheap grace” – and do whatever we want but it gives us reason to celebrate that even though we do stumble in the day to day – we don’t stumble away from God – and this my friends should give all of us a hope and desire to worship and to rest in HIS glory, majesty, power and authority because the price has been paid. We can live in HIS freedom.

Who is Jesus? What is Holiness? Holiness is not a feeling.

Today my challenge is to get into God’s word; find a group of people that may become close friends to hold you accountable – to spur you on toward love.

Sunday, Dale’s Sermon really gave us some things to think about. Do we serve for our own glory or are we serving because of our awe and respect for God? Or am I happy sitting on “my bench” keeping that spot warm while others around me are doing all the work?

Do we get ahead of God? Are we waiting for God’s timing, or are we causing ourselves more heartache and grief than is necessary? God’s timing is perfect, and he keeps his promises!!