Wednesday in the Word

Bringing the Word together!

Time after time I am amazed (I shouldn’t be, but I am) how God brings the Bible together to show His love to us. It reminds me that the Bible is all, old and new, about God's love and His desire for a personal relationship with us.

Just this week, for me, He brought the sermon on Sunday, our Bible study on Wednesday and my quiet time Thursday morning all together to show me how much He loves me. From His kindness to me of salvation and my loving church family to talking about angels, how they are His messengers to us, to Exodus 28 & 29. He shares details about the high priest robe needing bells on it. Why did I need to know that? Because He wanted to show me He cares for me in even small ways. The priests had active, busy days. What if they died while in the holy place? They only went in alone.

Anyone else who went in would die! They didn’t have life-alert buttons or surveillance cameras! Anyway, it just added to everything else for me that God is not a God who only wants to give me instructions! He wants to communicate WITH us, not AT us.

He is a God who pursues a relationship with us and wants us to pursue a relationship with Him! Amazing! Just here and there scriptures bring the same message!

What an amazing God who loves us dearly!