Wednesday in the Word

Reading the Bible in Chronological order this year has been eye-opening…. challenging…. peace giving…and more than what I can even describe.  I love seeing how it all flows together and things connect, instead of just a story here and a story there. 
Another thing I have seen is how many of the women really messed things up, (OK, the men weren’t perfect either). From Eve in the garden (Gen. 3), to Sarah pushing her maid Hagar onto Abraham (Gen.16) , and Rebekah helping her second born son steal the birthright from her firstborn son (Gen. 27), there are many examples I could give.  I love how they can’t mess up God’s plans – his plans still come to pass – his promises are still kept – even in their sin.
But even more than their incapability to mess up God’s plan and the grace, forgiveness, and patience that he had for each of them – what really hits me when I look at it all is – God’s Timing.
Most of these situations could have been avoided had they just relied on God's promises that he would fulfill in HIS time! How much stress and heartache could have been avoided with just a bit of trust in God and patience so he could fulfill his plan? 

Do we get ahead of God? Are we waiting for God’s timing, or are we causing ourselves more heartache and grief than is necessary? God’s timing is perfect, and he keeps his promises!!
Glenda Yoder