Wednesday in the Word

Many times, today, from various people, even myself, I heard “Where is spring?” – “What happened to the nice weather?” – “It's so cold, I hate being cold.” Was there grumbling involved? Honestly, yes. This evening, I was watching a short video online and in it was mentioned how we can CHOOSE if we have joy or not.

Let me tell you, that hit me smack in the face. It convicted me that if I could let something as simple as the weather control my attitude, what else will control me and my choices?

As I sat and reflected on all of this, Philippians 4:4 kept coming back to me. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Paul wrote this while sitting in prison. He understood joy – he understood rejoicing. One of the definitions in the Strong's Concordance is “to be well – to thrive”

The comfort that I found was in the reminder of why we can have joy even in hard circumstances – or even in times as simple as a weather change. The reason that we can rejoice in ALL circumstances is because of God's great love for us – because of what Jesus did on that cross – but most of all the fact that Jesus rose again! We serve a LIVING God!! Because of God and Jesus, we can be well and we can thrive!!

Today I challenge you to Rejoice!! In EVERYTHING!! Come celebrate with us on Friday evening his death – and Sunday morning his RESURRECTION!! If that’s not something to rejoice about – I don’t know what is!!