Wednesday in the Word

Wednesday in the Word.
Why do we write Wednesday in the Word? Why do we want our Church family to read it?
Because it provides another opportunity each week for us to take part in and appreciate the precious gift God has given us: His Word.
God has graciously revealed himself to us in a form that we can carry with us, commit to memory, and refer to again and again.
It gives us wisdom, hope, truth, understanding and peace. It disciplines us, trains us, shapes us, refreshes us and convicts us. But most importantly, it reveals Christ to us.
"He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God." (Rev. 19:13)
Christ IS the Word of God, and we are able to know him through the Word revealed to us.
Praise God for such an amazing gift!
My challenge to you this week is a simple one: stay in the Word. It is a gift you can open every day.