Sunday Worship Service

Each Sunday, the service begins at 9:30 am with an opening song, announcements, and prayer. The pastor welcomes us with a short devotional, followed by the offering and our regular worship time. As the song time ends and the sermon begins, parents of toddlers help their children to the basement nursery, where volunteers care for them during the sermon so parents can focus on the teaching time. After the sermon ends, we conclude the main service with a closing song and prayer.

Sunday School

After the main service, which ends around 11:00 am, you can expect a quick break to grab a cup of coffee, then join us for Sunday School. Our classes offer the opportunity for more in-depth study as we gather into smaller groups. Classes are available for preschool through adults.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear if I visit your church?

We want you to come just as you are. We are here for you, no matter how you're dressed. So wear whatever you like because there is no dress code. Most people wear whatever makes them comfortable. That usually changes from week to week depending on the weather, and some people like to dress up for special holidays.

Will you ask me to give you money?

We never ask anyone to give, and as our guest we want you to just feel welcomed and enjoy our time together! Because God has given us everything in Christ, our members often desire to give to the church out of gratitude to God. So we provide a time during the service for them to do so during our offering time. However, no one is ever pressured to give because the good news is ALWAYS a free gift. We just want you to come and receive what God gives.

Do you have children's church available during the service?

We value the importance of our children learning right alongside their parents, so for this reason we encourage our young ones to sit in "big church" as early as they are able. Even when they are busy coloring or playing quietly, children absorb a lot more than we understand! However, we also recognize that young parents need a break too! For parents of children ages 1-3, we have a volunteer-staffed nursery available in the basement during the sermon, so parents can focus more fully on the teaching. We also offer Sunday School for all ages (preschool through adult) following the sermon.

What if my child acts out during the sermon?

We love families and welcome children of all ages, no matter where they are in their life's journey! We all have bad days, and we strive to give each other grace. There are two nurseries located in the back of the sanctuary (in the foyer area), and you can also utilize the gym if your child just needs to get some wiggles out.

What if I have to miss a Sunday?

Our Sunday morning service is available live or on-demand on Facebook and YouTube. If you'd prefer to watch just the sermon, please visit our Sermons page.